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Alissa has worked just over a decade in the architecture field not only as a registered architect, but also focusing on the graphic side of architecture - presentations, diagrams, renderings, etc. telling the story of a project in facts, diagrams and with a variety of engaging visual information.  She has recently been motivated to pursue the intersection of brand and architecture and how the graphic design of a brand becomes a 3-dimensional experience.  Considering projects from the inside out and outside in, architecture has taught her endlessly about creative problem solving, attention to detail, perseverance and thorough analysis for multiple solutions.


Living in Rome, London, New York and working on projects all over the world, her education and experience internationally has equipped her to be a problem solver at many levels, with a particular interest in the graphic arts.  The ability to work in freelance graphics and architecture has broadened her project diversity and range of scales.


Alissa is a licensed architect, registered in the State of New York.  She received her B.Arch with Honors from Iowa State University and was the recipient of the Richard F Hanson Prize.  In 2006, she joined Foster + Partners in London and was made an Associate in 2009.  She has also worked in the offices of William Rawn Associates, RDG Planning / Design, and DLR Group as well as joining the Hoxby Collective and starting Aldenpress both in 2016.  She has been certified LEED AP BD+C since 2012.